Australian Standard Bitumen

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Australian Standard Bitumen

Bitumen Class is belonging to Australia Paving Grade and it is using in perforce roads in Oceania. Bitumen Class is normally using in Spray Sealing and using in manufacturing of Modified Bitumen. Some of Bitumen Class like 170 is used in Cold and Bitumen Class 320 using in high temperature.

Bitumen Class is producing as per Australian Standard based on AS2008. Storage and Temperature of keeping each Grade is different. Sparing temperature is between 175 to 185 for 5 days but mixing temperature is 140 to 170 for 10 days and storage is 120 to 140 for 30 days.

Australian Bitumen Standards and Specifications

Australian Standard Bitumen Class-170 Specifications
Australian Standard Bitumen Class-320 Specifications
Australian Standard Bitumen Class-600 Specifications