Coat Bitumen Supplier

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Coat Bitumen Supplier

Bitumen coating compositions having substantially improved application and drying properties and producing coatings of improved properties including resistance to ultra violet rays and alligatoring resulting there from, said coating compositions comprising volatile solvent solutions of a bitumen coating material having softening point between 110 f To 250 f.

Bitumen Primer D-41 is an Asphaltic Primer suitable for uses in roofing, damp proofing and waterproofing. It is manufactured as a surface dressing to masonry or concrete to improve the bond of bituminous materials.

The assortment of Tiger Bitumen includes the whole range of Mastics based on construction Bitumen. They are bitumen, bitumen-polymer, bitumen-emulsive and Bitumen-latex Mastics for roofing and waterproofing work. Depending on the kind of work produced, on the climatic conditions and on the volumes of work. Mastics of cold use (based on organic solvents or water) or Mastics of hot use (demanding initial heating) are applied.

Bitumen Enamels and Suited Primers to be used in combination therewith are described in “Specification for Bitumen-Based Hot-Applied Coating Materials for Protecting Iron and Steel. Including Suitable Primers Where Required”, BS 4147: 1980 by the British Standards Institution, said matter hereby been incorporated in the present specification.

Tiger Bitumen Company has the capability to Supply the Primer Coat Bitumen, Mastic Coat Bitumen and Enamel Coat Bitumen in compliance with National and International standards.