What is the difference between Bitumen and Tar?

By March 21, 2019 April 9th, 2019 Bitumen

What is the difference between Bitumen and Tar?

There are some differences between Bitumen and Tar. They include the following.


Bitumen is primarily composed of aromatic hydrocarbons associated with oil deposits. Tar, on the other hand, can form in association with oil or it can be formed from wood.


Bitumen can occur in solid form or as a dark viscous liquid whereas Tar is chemically distinct and occurs primarily as a viscous liquid.


Bitumen occurs naturally and can be prospected from the ground whereas tar is usually produced through distillation.

Characteristics Bitumen Tar
Source Derived only from sources associated with coal and oil. Can be derived from petroleum or coal and wood.
Occurrence Occurs in solid form and as a viscous liquid. Usually occurs only as a viscous liquid.
Nature Can be naturally occuring Usually needs to be distilled.