What is the difference between Asphalt and Bitumen?

By March 18, 2019 April 9th, 2019 Asphalt

What is the difference between Asphalt and Bitumen?

Actually the Bitumen is incorrect name of Asphalt which is used in order to describe the Asphalt. When people talk about Asphalt and Bitumen, the words are often used to describe the same thing, which is not correct.


Asphalt is produced in a plant that Heats, Dries and Mixes Aggregate, Bitumen and Sand into a composite mix. It is then applied through a paving machine on site as a solid material at a nominated or required thickness, relative to the end use.


Bitumen is actually the Liquid Binder that holds Asphalt together. The term Bitumen is often mistakenly used to describe asphalt. A Bitumen-Sealed Road has a layer of Bitumen sprayed and then covered with an aggregate. This is then repeated to give a two-coat seal.