What is Asphalt?

By March 18, 2019 April 9th, 2019 Asphalt

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt – is generally used as a term to refer the combination of Stone, Sand and Gravel with Bitumen.

Asphalt is some sort of Product that is made by mixing the Crushed Stone, Sand and Gravel, then in order to hold together the Bitumen is used. By installing the road with Asphalt there is no need of remove and replace for a longs time. Since it is durable but little bit expensive and it gives us the long lasting result.

Asphalt Ingredients

There are actually two basic Ingredients in Asphalt.

The first is Aggregates. This is a mix of Crushed Stone, Gravel, and Sand. Aggregates make up about 80% of Hot Mix Asphalt pavement.

The other 20% is Bitumen. Bitumen is the Black or Dark Viscous material that holds the Aggregates together, and is composed of Polycyclic Hydrocarbons (a Petroleum Byproduct).